9 Dreamy ways to style a mid century apartment this season

Sometimes the mid century decor trend can make you think of fall because of the specific colors, the retro items and the nostalgia surrounding the space. So, we thought about nine dreamy ways to bring the warm season into your lovely home that features this timeless style. Therefore, here are our dreamy suggestions on how to bring spring into your mid century home and refresh the look of one room:

1. Pick happy colors and oversized plants

Think of yellow or orange for your dreamy mid century furniture and combine this happy colors with oversized green tree or plants. This way, exotism will match perfectly with a classy home and you will feel the need of a dreamy vacation.

2. Add exotic pictures

Whether we are talking about a gallery wall for your bedroom or a statement framed picture for your living room, add palm trees, beaches or exotic plants pictures on your wall and you will fell the dreamy spring vibe in your mid century home.

3. Pick an exotic chair in a bold color

Think about chairs that look like the ones from an exotic resort and add them into your lovely home in bold colors that show happiness and make your dream. Match them with palm tree and exotic vases and dishes and you will love the stylish result.

4. Choose Moroccan details

From pillows with Moroccan prints to colorful chandeliers or deco items, mix the exotic Moroccan style with mid century elements and you will have a beautiful home that’s ready for the warm season.

5. Make an exotic office

Using oversized plants and printed rugs decorate your mid century office in a tropical way and don’t forget the golden details that add elegance and a festive vibe to the space.

6. Pick colorful paintings and photos

Mix old painting with modern framed pictures as long as they all have pretty colors in them. This way your home will be happy and colorful and you will love the fresh vibe!

7. Choose exotic rattan elements

Whether we are talking about chairs, lamps, boxes or bouncing chairs, choose rattan elements for your living room, bathroom or bedroom and bring a warm season vibe into your mid century home.

8. Add fun printed pillows

Surround your mid century living room or bedroom with fun pillows in cute prints or with happy colors and you see a fresh look for your retro looking furniture. Have friend over and start a great warm season party!

9. Make a fun bar cart ready for a party

Speaking of warm season parties make a mid century bar cart ready for a cute gathering using exotic details, plants and fun glasses. You will have a cute and fresh corner in your home and fun home parties!

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