6 Trending Decor Ideas

What’s hot in home decorating this year? These six interior design looks are both current and wonderfully versatile. 

Now that 2018 is well on its way, it’s a good time to take a look at what interior design trends are gaining a foothold in home décor. Is last year’s popular organic decorating style still in, or is it out? Are old patterns still out-of-date, or are they coming back? What’s trending in interior design?

This year, some recent trends are gaining speed and evolving, and some old trends are reemerging. The combination of old and new combine to create a current design style that’s as comfortable as it’s beautiful.

Here are six interior design trends for 2018.

1. Wabi-Sabi

Wabi-sabi? What’s that? Wabi-sabi is a Japanese-inspired design style that focuses on perfect imperfection. In other words, it’s a style that celebrates asymmetry and the oh-so-breathtaking “mistakes” in nature’s designs.

Wabi-sabi décor combines natural styling and asymmetric textures in a minimal setting. Playing off of the popularity of minimalistic modern design and the interest in natural, environmentally-friendly materials, this style is becoming more and more in vogue because it’s both simple and inexpensive.

To develop this design style in your rooms, clear the clutter, do a little DIY to create some handmade décor, and leave enough space to highlight the uneven textures of the room’s raw elements.

2. Raw Materials

Speaking of raw elements, another trending 2018 interior design tip is incorporating raw textures in a room. This trend is a carry-over from 2017 and it shows no sign of disappearing soon.

Rough elements like exposed concrete or brick, reclaimed wood, rustic beams, and old, worn wood flooring, when combined with more upscale elements like polished granite or marble, metal accents, and rich fabrics create a dramatic contrast that makes a room almost stand up and recite Shakespeare.

Although the raw materials blend can be complex, it’s easy to incorporate into your décor. Just bring a little rugged age into the space in the form of architectural features or furniture or accents. You’ll love the way it sets off your more refined décor elements.

3. White and Wood Pairings

The combination of the color white and natural wood has been around for centuries. However, whereas it was more of a utilitarian or accidental aspect of a room in the past, it’s now becoming an on-purpose mix that captures the essence of practical and minimal design. White and wood pairings add light and energy to a space. They also provide the perfect neutral backdrop to bolder design elements.

4. Evergreen Elements

In a society obsessed with “going green,” it’s no surprise that evergreen design elements are still popular. Whether these elements are actual plants or they’re prints, fabrics, or colors that are suggestive of plants, placing an evergreen touch in the room adds charm, warmth, and life to your décor.

If you have a green thumb and you love plants, having evergreen décor is a snap. Simply bring the outdoors in with a few potted plants. If your thumb is more black than green, however, or you’re simply too busy to even think about watering your ficus, you can still have an evergreen room. Simply add botanical-patterned wall-paper, window coverings, or upholstery to your room.

You can also hang some framed botanical prints. Or do both … include both plants and plant-themed décor. As long as you don’t go so overboard that George of the Jungle would be at home in your space, you’re golden … or rather, green.

5.Metal Accents

Although an overabundance of metal in a room can feel industrial, adding metallic décor with a light hand can give your room some eye-catching style. All manner of metals are popular in today’s designs. Shiny or matte, rustic or glam, a few metal touches are welcome in this year’s rooms.

The key to decorating with metal is focusing on impact over quantity. Don’t go crazy with the metal. Pick one or two or just a few interesting metal design accents and let them shine on their own.

6. Geometric Shapes

Designing a with geometric shapes isn’t a new trend, but designing with geometric shapes with an online 3D room planner is. This year, geometric patterns are rising to the forefront again. Although geometric lines can be simple, they can have a bold effect in a room.

In fact, geometric patterns are a great way to enliven a room without going crazy with bright, strong colors. If you want your space to be more interesting but you don’t feel comfortable with a lot of color, just combine various geometric patterns in a simple color scheme. The stark play between the shapes become powerful visual cues that move the eye around the room, which brings a space to life.

And there you have it for this year’s trending interior design features. If you feel like your rooms need a lift, a bit of jazzing up, try incorporating one or more of the above design techniques into your space. You’ll love the results.


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  1. Love the suggestions. Especially the one with greenery. I’m physically unable to do outside garening and I enjoy houseplants. So I incorporate them in my decor.