6 Stylish small kitchen ideas for a dreamy spring

Decorate your dreamy small kitchen for spring making it ultra stylish, colorful or neutral and with a dreamy nature vibe. To help you out, we gathered six gorgeous ideas to refresh your kitchen space for the warm season:

1. Wood and greens

Add wooden accents in a neutral kitchen and give this space a fresh and stylish vibe using green plants and spring tree branches. Add also small stools instead or chairs, a cool lamp and some dreamy white dishes.

2. The wannabe bar kitchen

Make your spring small kitchen really cute by decorating it like a bar. Use bar stools in happy colors and pick a gorgeous pastel color for your kitchen cabinets and add colorful fruits, plants and flowers around the place to welcome the warm season better.

3. Retro accents

Decorate a beautiful small neutral kitchen with farmhouse elements like raffia baskets and wooden details and also some cute retro accents that go very well with this style. So, think about retro pictures or paintings and mix them with modern metallic elements for a great contrast.

4. Scandi details

This dreamy small kitchen is perfect for a modern or minimal home. For some stylish details, add a magazine holder next to the table and a minimal shelf where you can add dreamy dishes in neutral colors. Don’t forget to add dreamy green plants in jars and vases around the room for a refreshing spring vibe in the space.

5. Brown and white

This is another gorgeous example of how brown can look just fabulous in a space and also in a stylish small kitchen. So pick this Earthy shade for the dining area and white for the kitchen cabinets. Add also some golden details, colorful fruits and create a modern space that’s perfect for spring.

6. Spring vibes

Add cute spring and exotic prints around the room and pick shabby elements for your small kitchen. Add a printed curtain, some cool framed pictures with plants and also furniture and dishes in lovely pastel shades.

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