5 Easy ways to get a FRIENDS lookalike kitchen & living room

Because it is back on Netflix and almost all of us we’ll be watching it over and over (I know I do) it’s time to take a look at the colorful space Monica lived in and all of the FRIENDS characters just gathered around. The colorful eclectic kitchen is always an inspiration for a creative home and the shabby girly living space is perfect for a country chic home. So, here are 5 ideas on how to end up having a home that looks like the one Monica and Rachel have in FRIENDS.

1. Pick blue for your kitchen cabinets

Right now blue is a very popular color for the kitchen space (I picked it too) and you have all sort of shades to choose from. You can have a happy and colorful kitchen using an intense blue for your kitchen cabinets or go for a French chic kitchen with navy blue or a farmhouse kitchen with a beautiful baby blue shade.

2. Add mixed retro chairs

Whether you pick them for a round or rectangular table, the mixed retro chairs are a beautiful design detail for your kitchen or dining room. All you need to do it have the same height for the models and mix and match them with your table, cabinets, shelves or kitchen details.

3. Choose open shelves

The beautiful farmhouse inspired open shelves are an excellent way to show your dreamy dishes and plates and to style up your gorgeous kitchen. Also, you can find everything easier, especially if you love to cook a lot, like Monica does. So for a colorful kitchen in a blue shade, pick neutral shelves made out of wood, they will look simply dreamy!

4. Pick a neutral sofa

The neutral sofa if the perfect choice for a crowded living room and for a person who loves to have a lot of deco items and prints. It will bring unity to the space and you will feel like having a not so crowded living room and a space with a lovely design.

5. Mix and match patterns

A living room with lots of pattern on your rug, pillows or covers is simply dreamy, so choose the same color palette for all of them or pick some of them in a neutral shade. This way you will have a mixed and matched space where all things seem to go together.

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