9 Dreamy bedroom boudoir looks that will inspire you

A boudoir bedroom is that dreamy space where you can sleep, relax, do you make-up and really enjoy a day at home. So, pink calm shades, add splendid details and make the bedroom the favorite room of your home. Here are nine dreamy boudoir bedroom ideas for you:

1. Exotic dream

Make your boudoir bedroom really exotic by adding cabinets in bold colors, tropical framed pictures and a lot of colorful pillows and exotic flowers. So dreamy, right?

2. Elegant look

Choose a bedroom in elegant neutral shades and decorate it with sea inspired elements for a very relaxing feeling. Add beautiful curtains in the same shade, cute lamps and deco items and transform it into a boudoir bedroom.

3. Parisian chic

How about a boudoir bedroom inspired by the Parisian chic style? Nothing simpler. Just pick a fancy bed frame, splendid lamps, a retro painting and don’t forget a dreamy chandelier on top of the bed.

4. Modern touch

Make a modern boudoir bedroom in your dreamy home by mixing pastels and metallics. Pick gorgeous pink sheets, a statement golden mirror and a matching lamp. You will love the fantastic look this relaxing room will have!

5. Creative day

Transform a minimal bedroom and make it look like a creative boudoir bedroom. Just add pastel framed pictures, industrial lamps, cute plans and a comfy rug.

6. Fancy daydream

Create a chic boudoir bedroom by adding a very cute wallpaper, gorgeous lamps and a dreamy bench next to the bed. Make everything fancy by adding roses, metallic deco items and elegant deco objects around the room.

7. The stylish chandelier

Make a boudoir bedroom in pink, blue and neutrals fancier than ever by adding a statement glam chandelier. Pick also velvet curtains and create a sophisticated vibe in this lovely room.

8. Ethno elements

Add brilliant ethno vibes into a bedroom full of pastel colors. For example, an ethno carpet will give structure and contrast to a room and you will love the mix between soft neutrals and ethno prints.

9. Cozy vibe

Decorate your bedroom in neutrals and pink pastels shades. Then, make a cozy vibe in your dreamy boudoir bedroom by adding a lot of candles, candlesticks and furry rugs.

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