8 Dreamy ways to decorate Easter eggs

Have fun in decorating Easter eggs and get creative in making unique models that all your guests will love. To, help you out organizing the perfect Easter table setting with adorable decorated eggs, we found these dreamy eight models for you:

1. Fantasy eggs

Make dreamy unicorn Easter eggs and let your imagination go wild. These gorgeous eggs will surprise your entire guest and the kids will adore them, reminding them of fantasy stories. Check out how to make them here.

2. Become an artist

If you feel like being artsy, start painting Easter eggs in different abstract drawing, shapes and with wonderful colors that look like different prints. Get creative and learn more on how to paint the here.

3. Sea obsession

If you love the sea and you are a big fun of the aquatic elements, pick them also for your Easter eggs and decorate the whole holiday setting with shells and corals. Learn how to make these dreamy eggs here.

4. Scandinavian dream

This technique is perfect for a minimal or Scandinavian lover and is perfect for a chic Easter table setting. Find out how to dye these eggs like this here.

5. The elegant bunnies

From a preppy elegant setting to a retro chic home, these elegant bunnies’ eggs are a perfect item for any of your guests. They will make any Easter table setting looking both fancy and adorable so learn how to dye them here.

6. Celestial Easter

If you love the stars and the mood this is the perfect idea for you. Also, it’s super elegant and stylish and will work wonder in an Easter home party. So, check out the tutorial here.

6. The cool ones

If you love having fun and always laughing, try a diversity of Easter eggs with cute saying and fun drawings. Have fun be creative, and choose your favorite words, quotes and symbols.

8. Tropical Easter

If you’re looking for a happy, optimistic and colorful Easter make the Easter eggs tropical themed and decorate them with sunglasses, pineapples or palm trees. Find out the fun tutorial right here:

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