8 Dreamy items to have in a chic bedroom

Dreaming of the perfect bed for a chic room, or the coolest things for your bedroom? Well, we made our list for the trendiest items any chic bedroom should have. Do tell us what’s your favorite thing!


1. A glamorous bed head

Made out of velvet or with a very sophisticated touch, the bed head should be fancy and beautiful and it also should be one of the main things of your chic bedroom.

2. A dreamy bench

Add a practical and also dreamy bench next to your lovely bed. Decorate it with lots of deco objects and books and enjoy a cozy day in your favorite room.

3. A gorgeous nightstand

There are a lot of nightstands to choose from so make sure you pick a gorgeous one! Pick one with metallic details or a beautiful minimal one and decorate it with very chic flowers, lamps and candles.

4. A textured rug

Make a great contrast in your bedroom by choosing a textured rug in black and white. Match it with minimal items, green plants and cute pictures added around the room.

5. A cool cover

6. An oversized framed picture

Think of your personality and room styling when picking an oversized framed pictures. This item will add a very chic vibe in this room and will complete the whole look of the room.

7. Some fun pillows

Decorate your bed with printed and colorful pillows that will give texture to your lovely bed. Think wild, floral, artsy or abstrat, any print that comes to mind will do the trick.

8. A green plant

You have to have at least one green plant in your chic bedroom. Add a small one on your nightstand or a big one in a corner of your room for a cool boho look. You will love the fresh air of the room.


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  1. Hi, I was wondering where the gray upholstered bed came from in the first picture? Love that!!