7 Dreamy organized bookshelves where the love of books meets style

For the spring cleanup take a look also on your bookshelf and give it more style. Use a different styling for each of your favorite books and albums and make the bookshelf one of the centerpieces of your dreamy living room:

1. Books and some art

Add books in both horizontal and vertical ways for a more stylish look of your bookshelf. Also, to glam up the space add framed with artsy pictures, art deco items, plates and green plants. Looks pretty chic, right?

2. Green and gold

If you’re a nature lover surround your bookshelf with green plant like ivy that can make an item looking like a jungle. Pair these green elements with golden details and you will have a lovely glam bookshelf.

3. The perfect organized space

Take advantage of every space you have left in your book shelf and mix practical items with beautiful details. Add big boxes under the bookshelf for the items that aren’t that attractive to look at and keep the most beautiful items along with your books and albums, making a special styling for each section of your bookshelf.

4. The dreamy neutrals

This beautiful bookshelf is perfect for the warm season. Pairing green plants with soft neutral in Earthy shades, you will have a relaxing feeling in your living room and you will enjoy a day sitting at home and reading.

5. Style me up

For a clean and neutral look of your bookshelf add you books backwards and make clean lines. Add also a stylish vibe to this space using neutral deco items, golden objects, plants and unique deco elements.

6. In a colorful way

If you own a lot of colorful books, pair them color by color and add a different styling for each shade. For example, pair green with golden deco items, choose sea inspired elements for the white books and dreamy crystals for your blue books.

7. Retro mood

If you’re a fan of old books and you have a precious book collection this is the kind of bookshelf styling you need in your home. Pair your favorite books with fancy statues, fashion albums and other chic elements like elegant candles and candlesticks.

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