5 Dreamy deco trends you’ll love in 2018

New year, new season, new dreamy trends for you. So, we started looking at predictions and found five trends that will be very popular in 2018. They are creative, pretty and can work magic in any home, so check them out:

1. Aquatic love

From beautiful tiles that look like scales or plates with sea animals, to blue deco elements, walls and big aquariums in your homes, the aquatic inspiration is a big trend for 2018. Blue is calm and relaxing and so is water, so besides being dreamy, these elements will bring peace and serenity into your lovely home.

2. Morocco style

This beautiful and oriental destination is a dreamy motif for the New Year. Think about richness, luxury, beautiful patterns and prints that bring this oriental tale vibe into your home. From big colorful lamps, to printed carpets or patterned pillows, these deco elements will make your home more personal.

3. Bubbles everywhere

When it comes to lightning in your gorgeous home, glass bubbles are the big trend right now. They look chic and modern and can make any dinning space or living room pretty dreamy.

4. The Metropolitan way

Think modern when it comes to decorating your home and think about the European styles you see in the big cities. From bricks, to steel beds or recycled furniture, you can personalize your space getting inspired from the place you visit or from hotels or Airbnb rooms.

5. The preppy look

Besides the modern vibes, the vintage elements seem to make their mark in the New Year. A fancy bookshelf filled with precious books, plates or mugs with letters on them and other intellectual elements make a home cozier. From book layed around everywhere in stylish ensembles, to magazines round up on your coffee table, it’s time to get creative and intellectual in 2018!

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