10 Parisian chic spaces that will wow you immediately

Dreaming of the French royalty or a gorgeous Parisian movie? Well, we have about ten dreamy interiors inspired by the Parisian chic style that will immediately wow you. Which one is your favorite?


1. The modern Paris

Pair a dreamy chandelier with a chic bed and nightstand and also a very modern work of art. Don’t forget to add neutral sheets and glam details on the nightstand for a very Parisian chic bedroom.

2. Fashionable day

Make a dining room very chic by adding different kinds of fancy chairs, a fashionable framed picture, some dreamy flowers and light bulbs. You will feel like dining in Paris, so think about which guest to invite to your select diner party.

3. Pink touch

Make a living room really Parisian chic by adding a fancy chandelier and a velvet sofa in a pastel shade, like dusty pink. Don’t forget to add a gorgeous statement mirror, a glam metallic coffee table and some dreamy fresh flowers.

4. The amazing vanity

Make a dreamy bedroom vanity where you can do your make-up in the morning and pick a velvet pink chair and some cute flowers. Match the chair with some lovely pink curtains and also choose a glam chandelier for the room.

5. Spring blossoms

Make a lazy day corner in your living room and decorate it with dreamy pink pillows and candles. Don’t forget to add tree branches with pink flowers and of course, an amazing chandelier.

6. The splendid kitchen

Make a very chic boots in your kitchen and pick a gorgeous pastel color for it. Surround it with neutral furniture, a dreamy lamp and some classy framed pictures.

7. Black and white bedroom

Make a chic bedroom that looks like one from a fancy Paris hotel by adding a gorgeous chandelier, some black and white curtains, a black cabinet and a statement vintage mirror.

8. The stylish arrangement

Pick an apartment with walls with a sophisticated motif and match it with a gorgeous cabinet with vases filled with fresh pastel flowers. Make the corner more chic by adding a unique retro chair you will fell in love with.

9. Lazy day

Make a retro modern mix in your Paris inspired home by adding a cool lamp and a vintage statement mirror. Pair also a modern day bed with retro chairs and an elegant fireplace with a modern floor lamp.

10. The nostalgic corner

Make a dreamy French chic corner for your home bar and decorated it with a framed picture with the artsy Paris. Add also a vintage chandelier and some fancy liquor bottles.

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  1. When I hear Paris….I immediately think of blush pink and burnished gold. hmmm… franki

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