9 Georgeous pink sofas you will be smitten with

Matching the new 2018 deco trend, the pink sofa works wonders in a tropical interior, in a ’70 room or in a beautiful minimal or modern living room. So, pick a beautiful sofa in this splendid color and check out our nine dreamy suggestions you will be smitten with:

1. Tropical days

Transform your living room into a resort by adding oversized plants, a neutral rug and other minimal neutral deco items that will match this gorgeous pink sofa.

2. Dream on

Surround a dreamy pink sofa with framed pictures with botanic elements, nature or beautiful landscapes. Add also other deco elements that reminder you of nature and some beautiful pink flowers and create a dreamy oasis in your lovely home.

3. Gold accents

Mix a pink sofa with golden elements for a glamorous seventies look. Add also art items, framed pictures and oversized plant to make everything more ’70 inspired.

4. Creative shape

Pick a pink sofa in a creative shape for a modern interior and make your home looking more futuristic and original. Also, add a great contrast in this interior by mixing blue with pink and white.

5. Minimal look

A great look for a modern or minimal room is mixing a pale pink sofa with silver deco items like coffee tables, lamps, chairs, vases or candles. The whole interior will look super chic, clean and very relaxing!

6. Western touch

A pink sofa goes great also in a Western interior because it matches perfectly camel, brown, and red or green, colors often used in this kind of interior. You can also add themed western art on the walls and also cute colorful printed pillows on the lovely sofa.

7. Sophisticated look

A gorgeous pink sofa is the perfect deco elements for a sophisticated or French chic living room. Match it with lots of flowers, an elegant armchair and a super chic coffee table.

8. Pastel dream

Add a lot of pastel pillows on a beautiful pink sofa and make it look like a very chic item in your living room. Also, to make everything more stylish, fill a coffee table with fashion albums, candles, vases and a black & white patterned carpet.

9. Modern vibe

Make and eclectic space in your living room by picking modern deco items and a dreamy pink sofa. So, pick a ’70 inspired chandelier, some cute glass chairs, an oversized framed picture and a statement mirror and make this room simply gorgeous!

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