9 Chic ideas to add brown into your dreamy home

While some think brown is too traditional for some homes, think again! Brown it can be super chic and added in any kind of home for a modern and warm vibe, so check out our nine stylish suggestions for your gorgeous home:

1. Mix it with white

What a cute combo this is! You often see minimal rooms all in white or with a little bit of grey, but also brown can be a great color accent, bringing a warm vibe and texture into a simple, cold space.

2. Add brown retro furniture in modern spaces

You can make a stylish space more original or creative by mixing old brown furniture with modern deco items in neutral colors. Make sure they blend in great and pick one old piece and one new one, and so on, to create the perfect balance in your home.

3. Create a welcoming space for your guests

Because brown is a warm and inviting color, make sure you use it in your living or dining space to create the perfect welcoming space for your guests and family.

4. Makes a great contrast for your bar or sitting area

Pick brown bar stools or chairs in your home to create the perfect contrast in you modern or minimal home. For a stylish vibe pick the ones made of wood and pair them with white. Also, this color is perfect for a sitting area because it’s friendly and welcoming.


5. Add brown accents in your working space for a more relaxing feeling

Pick a white element or piece of furniture for your office space because this great color creates a relaxing vibe that’s perfect for your work flow. Moreover, you can make a space only with brown and neutrals and palm tree and imagine yourself you’re working in a cute summer hotel.

6. Just a bit of brown in your bedroom

From your framed pictures, covers or pillows to some lovely deco items, create a cozy vibe in your bedroom with some adorable brown accents.

7. Make a room looking perfect with a brown rug

When you want to complete a room and make it look perfect, with everything matching, you need that perfect shade that can match anything. In this case a brown rug can serve as a unity color that makes everything work together, especially if you pick one in a soft brown.

8. It give a SPA feeling to a bathroom

Add a brown wall next to your shower or a brown cabinet or a small wooden chair in your bathroom to give it a relaxing Spa feeling that you will love.

9. It’s the perfect color for layering

A interior full of texture and contrast is perfect, so add brown pillows, covers and rugs in a neutral space and give the perfect balance to a room and create a comfy and relaxing vibe for your dreamy living room.

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