8 Artsy rooms that will get you started in redecorating your home in February

Because February is the month of Aquarius, one of the most creative zodiac signs, we thought about eight dreamy artsy rooms that will conquer you imagination and make you feel really inspired in home decor. So, here are our favorites for this month, we are very curios in finding out which one do you prefer:

1. Get creative!

Surround your dining room table or office with a dreamy gallery wall with pictures that truly inspire you. Mix & match them and don’t forget to add beautiful neutral frames around them.

2. The fancy dining space

From abstract framed pictures, to sculptures or creative artwork make sure you make your dining space more original than ever. Wow your guests with this space and also enjoy a nice afternoon or evening at home.

3. Working day

Surround a neutral office with picture albums, original artwork and minimal objects. You will have a very creative space that will make you more focused and creative at work.

4. Modern loft

Give a cute loft a modern touch by adding an eclectic mix of vintage and pop art frames on your wall. Don’t forget some industrial items mixed with retro deco items for a creative look of this dreamy space.

5. The corful corner

Make your reading corner really colorful and creative by adding some beautiful paitings next to a comfy and fancy armchair. Add also plants and wooden coffee tables to create a chic Californian vibe in the space.

6. Between two colors

Pick two statement colors for the most creative space of your dreamy home. Orange and blue is a lovely mix for an artsy room where you can make a dining area and entertain your guests.

7. Girly day

Pick daring and girly shades like pink, magenta or yellow and create the perfect artsy corner in your bedroom where you can add a dreamy make-up table or a cute cabinet.

8. Creative mood

Surround your office with an artsy gallery wall full of pictures that show feelings and make you inspired. Pick warm colors and also surround the space with plants to create a fresh working environment.


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  1. I love this post, full of inspiration. I am currently looking at redecorating and this has given me so many ideas. It’s so important to me to make my home an inspirational and creative place – thank you for lighting the spark!

  2. The girl space would look really cute in my girls’ room. I love the design on the dresser.

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