7 Stylish ways to organize your shoes in 2018

Are you a shoe lover? Well, that’s great! It’s time to arrange your favorite accessories in a gorgeous way that will make you want to wear your favorite shoes more often and enjoy them. So, make a New Year selection on what shoes to keep and which to toss and add your winter and more often used shoes in front of your display and let the organization begin. Here are eight stylish tricks to use for your shoe closet:

1. Add them in chic cubbes

Cubbes are a great organizational hack for your shoes because they fit perfectly the shape, especially the long sandals or boot shape. Coordinate them by color and shape and start admiring them more!

2. Make special displays for them

Mix shoes with bags, boxes, framed pictures, plants, candles and all short of great deco object that can be mixed and matched with your favorite accessories. For this display pick colorful or printed shoes, timeless pieces or just your favorite pairs.

3. Hang them

A great way to save space in your closet or room is to hang your shoes next to your closet or in the back of the closet or room door. You will see them really good and also this is a great organizational hack especially for your shoes with heels.

3. Place them on shelves

A great way to see and organize your shoes by color and type is adding them in shelves. This is a great scheme for people you have a looot of shoes. Also, organize them one frontal and one turned around to see both the face and the heel of the shoe better.

5. Add them in beautiful cabinets

For your most stylish shoes or your precious pieces, pick a gorgeous cabinet or armoire and make your bedroom or closet really elegant with this display. Also, make a Cinderella move and add your favorite pairs in a special globe, like the one from the movie ”Beauty & the Beast”.

6. Put them in boxes

Put your shoes in labeled boxes or in some chic boxes with their picture on them. In this way you will keep your favorite pairs in a great condition, save space and also you will easily find them in your closet.

7. Place them on a creative ladder

Weather we are talking about a small or big ladder, place your favorite shoes on the cute stairs that serve as a cool and original shelf for your room. You will love the creative result! Get it on etsy, here.

8. Add them under a stylish rack

Add your favorite shoes under your clothing rack and coordinate them with outfits on the rack or with the color of your favorite clothes. You can also add them on a furry carpet or surrounded by fashionable deco items.

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  1. For #1, they are called “cubbies” or “cubbyholes.” I tried googling “cubbes” and I got some sort of middle eastern menswear.

    For #3, it’s “you will see them really well,” not “good.”

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