7 New dreamy IKEA items that can work wonders in your dreamy home

It’s time for some new items in your home, and we have seven practical ideas for you. From lamps to storage solutions, be more organized this season in a cute and chic home:

1. The adorable storage combination

In two bright colors that represent the perfect match, this Lixhult storage combination is the perfect solution for your hallway or living space in spring and goes great with some oversized green plants.

2. The classy pendant lamp

Make your dining table more modern and elegant with this gorgeous Vaxjo lamp. It’s super versatile and also great for your living room or bedroom.

3. The perfect neutral mirror

With a retro vibe, this Stockholm mirror can look great in a modern, minimal or even seventies room in which you want a mirror to give the illusion of a bigger space.

4. The practical drawer

If you have a lot of items in your dressing, this Nordli 7 drawer will come in handy for you. Classy and versatile, with this cute storage solution you can easily grow your accessory collection.

5. The perfect kitchen storage

If you love cooking a lot and have a lot of utensils and ingredients in your kitchen, this Ivar storage solution is perfect for your and will make everything looking dreamy and organized.

6. The cute office space

Make your office space cuter, more creative and organized with this Skadis pegboard combination that will be super useful for your work.

7. Chic touch

This sophisticated Sjopenna lamp can easily make any room more chic and creative. So, pick it for your favorite room and start dreaming.

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