6 Oversized knitted blankets that show this is the perfect winter trend

Cozy, useful and very stylish, a chunky cover it’s the cutest and most warm item you can have in your dreamy home during the winter season. From your bed, to chairs and armchairs, add it everywhere and pick it in any color. Here are six styling ideas for you:

1. A touch of pink

In a neutral bed filled with grey items and white, add a subtle pink knitted cover that will give texture to the space and it will also keep you cozy during the winter season.

2. Cozy afternoon

Make your sofa more comfortable and cozy than ever using a neutral knitted blanket in the same color as your dreamy cauch. Match it with some neutral and printed pillows and enjoy this beautiful season!

3. The lazy corner

Make a dreamy and cozy reading corner in your lovely home using a comfy armchairs and an oversized knitted blanket. Add also your favorite magazines and books and enjoy a warm day at home.

4. The knitted chair

Choose an oversized knitted blanket for your chair to make it ultra stylish. This kind of arrangement is perfect for a minimal or neutral chair and ideal for a festive dinner setup.

5. The chic bench

Even a bench can become cozier when decorated with a cute chunky knitted blanket. Add next to it vases, candles or books and make the bench really stylish.

6 Neutral day

Match you chunky knitted cover with your armchair and create a warm and cozy environment for the winter season. Also, add around the room framed pictures, vases and rugs in the same color paletter, so dreamy!

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