Ultra violet – The bold color that will give you a crush in 2018

Bold, creative and full of happiness and of course the ’80 nostalgia, I am happy to announce that the magical Ultra Violet was chosen by Pantone to be the color of 2018. It’s a more daring choice than in the other years and that’s because this year it’s time to be positive, creative and really challenge your imagination!

Feminine, yet masculine, bold but also mysterious, this color of contrasts will dare you this year to create unique spaces that will inspires others. So, here are some cool Ultra violet examples of interiors that will increase your creativity:

Paint color

Next to a white, grey, pink or blue wall you can paint a wall in the bold Ultra violet to make a statement in your living room or bedroom. With this color any room will have a dramatic look, but also a very creative one and it will also create a great contrast in any kind of space.


An Ultra Violet piece of furniture goes great next to neutral items, so it’s perfect for any kind of space – an aristocratic one, a shabby a minimal one or why not a cool modern space with retro accents. So, from chairs, sofas, armchairs or even cabinets, give personality to any room with this daring shade.

Living Room

For a mysterious living room that can sometimes work like a creative atelier, pick this daring shade and match it with a charming chandelier, a white ceiling and fancy modern or retro furniture.


Let you imagination loose and make an Ultra violet wall in your bedroom. Also, make everything more mysterious with a nightstand, a closet or bed in this dreamy shade.


Pick an Ultra Violet table or some dreamy chairs in this shade and add color and contrast to your modern or retro kitchen space.


Take a long bath in a daring space that will challenge your imagination in your spare time and make you get new and inspiring ideas. Match it with colorful framed pictures and some raffia deco items.

Dreamy corner

If you have a neutral or minimal home, make it more happy and optimistic adding an Ultra Violet relaxation corner with a lamp, a cozy chair or a wall in this gorgeous shade.


Make your balcony really happy by painting your windows in Ultra Violet or adding furniture in this dreamy shade and, of course, matching flowers.

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