7 Splendid grey bedrooms that will make you dream about this room

Grey is the second most popular shade for the winter and a very stylish choice for your bedroom this season. Paired with other neutrals or other shades of grey it can create the perfect relaxing space to spend your free days at home.

1. Wonder moments

Make magic in your grey bedroom using floating light bulbs and some dreamy plants. Pick also some very artistic framed photos to create a personalized space in neutral relaxing shades that will make you want to spend your weekend at home.

2. Nostalgic days

Create the perfect minimal bedroom choosing a simple bed in neutral shades and adding next to it a lot of framed pictures in black and white. Add also some beautiful golden touches by picking sophisticated long candles and some golden lamps.

3. Lazy Sundays

Pick different shades of grey for your bed pillows to create the perfect contrast for your dreamy bed. To keep a calm vibe in the room add a wooden coffee table, some artistic photos and a simple white curtain.

4. Comfy afternoon

Pick a lot of comfortable pillows and covers and dream about the perfect day spent in bed. Add also some chic touches using a golden coffee table and a minimal golden lamp.

5. The grey walls

A grey wall brings the perfect contrast in a neutral bedroom. Also if you add printed pillows among some neutral simple pillows you will see a cool contrast and you will also have a bed full or personality!

6. Grey and black

Use minimal and cool items in black and white to create the perfect bedroom where you can enjoy a day at home. Pick every item in these two lovely shades and make a matching interior that you will definitely love!

7. Boho touches

The boho touches in this grey bedroom emphasize on the relaxing vibe that this room usually has. Don’t forget the green plants and the artistic painting that will personalize your dreamy boho bedroom.

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