6 Stylish ideas to organize your closet for 2018

Start your New Year fresh and reorganize your clothes. Get rid of the past, of the items that don’t make you happy anymore and make room for new ones. To start up your cleaning and reorganizing program, we came out with six easy and practical tips for styling your lovely closet, so check them out:

1. Make your closet looking like a gorgeous boutique – Get inspired by your favorite store or boutique and mix and match your clothes and accessories with art items, framed pictures, candles, fashion books and perfumes. Don’t forget a chic chandelier, splendid paintings and a glam chair.

2. Organize your items by style, type and color – Organizing is essential in a closet, especially when you own a lot of clothes. So, start by pairing them by type and color. If you have a lot of shelves also categorize them by style or material, in the most practical way for you, noted that you don’t usually have time, but you really want to wear a lot of your lovely clothes.

3. Make your statement pieces pop out – Think about an embellishes jacket, a beautiful top or a fancy skirt or bag and make them stand out in your closet. Pick something that will inspire you for a party or something that has sentimental value or makes you happy on a rainy day.

4. Organize your shoes on shelves – Besides branded or boxes with labels you can easily organize shoes on shelves just under or next to your clothes. This way you will see them better and they wont be damaged. Organized them by color or type and dream about growing your wonderul shoes collection.


5. Make room for accessories – Don’t forget to mix and match your clothes with hats, shoes, bags, belts, glasses and jewelry. You can easily add hats above your clothes, shoes or cases or jewelry under the clothes or add bags on a hanger next to your dresses or jackets.

6. Use a rack for your favorite items – If you still have room in your lovely bedroom, you can use a clothing rack for your favorite items or the ones you wear really often. It’s a must to use the clothes on the rack pretty often, because, otherwise, they will get pretty dusty. Add also bags, hats and other hair accessories on the end of it and shoes just under the clothes or on a dreamy furry rug.

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  1. Stylish closet is a great idea and easy to implement, but how to keep it order as shown in the photosthat is a challange 🙂

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