6 Stunning bar carts that say hello to the New Year

Let’s welcome the New Year with a splendid display that all our guests will love and enjoy. We’re talking about a bar cart with fancy decorations and chic drinks, so here are six dreamy styling options for this fun corner you must have in your home:

1. Modern vibes

Make a fancy corner in your living room by choosing a statement and artistic paiting and a modorn lamp. Next to it add a beautiful bar cart filled with the perfect cocktail ingredients and ornaments.

2. Exotic feeling

Add a fancy golden bar cart next to a big plant of your home, then add other exotic elements next to it – like flamingos, pineapples and colorful candy. You will have summer all year along in your home and your guest will feel like being in a beach party.

3. Retro mood

Pick a retro cart and decorate it with elements in that refined style. Pick also vintage glasses, candlestick and bottles to create that beautiful elegant vibe.

4. Modern touch

Decorate your bar with sophisticated elements and a beautiful retro mirrors on top of it. Don’t forget a music system, some white roses and fancy bottles for your favorite cocktails.

5. Scandi love

The Scandi style can’t miss from your bar cart so make sure you bring this lovely style on a cool corner of your home thats perfect for drinking and entertaining. So, add minimal objects with quotes, roses, cool books and plants next to your favorite drinks.

6. Go green

If you love plants and flowers add them around your bar cart and make a beautiful green corner in your home. Don’t forget some party elements like a fun saying, a disco ball or some cool glasses.

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