Saggitarius Zodiac Sign – The dreamy essentials

Adventure lovers, the Sagittarius love to show their memories from their trips in their dreamy home. From souvenirs to impressive artworks or vintage maps and suitcases, their love for travel it’s a motif often shownin this sign’s home.

Lover of the eclectic style, this sign also seeks for comfort in its lovely and practical home. Their love for entertaining others is usually subtle so instead of making a guest area or a comfy big couch you will see details like comfy pillows or chic chairs for their guests and family.

Besides travel, a Sagittarius loves the outside world so you will often see pieces of nature in its gorgeous home. From indoor gardens, to plants and anything resembling of nature, like a painting of a forest, the nature elements make a difference and bring a unique and fresh touch in a Saggitarius home.

Also, don’t forget about the Sagittarius love for learning. You will often see an impressive book collection in its home or a big study room. Nevertheless, a Sagittarius can have a special corner for its work or projects or a room with a travel theme that helps this sign learn and escape.

So here are the seven dreamy essentials for this curious and adventurous sign:

1. A big desk

2. Maps

3. A souvenirs corner

4. Indoor garden

5. A gorgeous bookshelf

6. A comfy couch

7. Nature inspired pictures

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