How to be the Perfect Guest During the Holidays

Tis the season for friends, family, gifts, food, fun, and love. If you’re like most people, you visit the homes of your loved ones to share the joy of this special time of year. Since you’ve been welcomed as a guest into their home, it is imperative that you show proper etiquette and more importantly that you’re safe during your stay. Below are some tips on how you can be the best guest at your next holiday gathering.

Get a Gift for the Host or Hostess

Whether you’ve been asked to bring a dish or not, it is proper etiquette for holiday guests to bring a gift for the home or the host of the gathering. It is a small token of your appreciation for them allowing you to share in this special time with them. Make sure that you get a thoughtful gift that they can appreciate. Some ideas might include their favorite bottle of wine or alcohol, a sweet treat like cookies, or a home décor item like a nice vase, candle, throw, or picture.

Dress the Part

You don’t want to show up to your friend, family, or neighbor’s house looking out of place, so make sure that you plan your attire ahead of time. Though it may not be a fashion event, you still want to make sure that you look presentable and that you fit in with the rest of the party guests. Find out what kind of gathering it is? Is it an event with coworkers who tend to dress more business casual? Is it a family event where you can go more comfortable in jeans and a sweater? Or is it a classier event that might require you to pull out the suit and tie or fancy dress.

Don’t Overdo the Drinking

When the drinks get flowing, it can be tempting to keep sipping. However, most people aren’t interested in dealing with drunk friends and family members. Therefore, you’ll want to take it easy on the alcohol. What’s more, if you’re involved in an accident while under the influence, both you and the host of the event could get in trouble.

If you are, however, one who can’t say no to a good glass of wine or a shot of vodka, then play it safe. Perhaps install a low cost interlock device in your car. This easy to complete breathalyzer works seamlessly with your car to keep you safe. Just blow and if you’re over the legal limit your car won’t start. Of course, this means you’ll have to go back and ask the host if you can crash for a while, but they’d probably prefer that to having you get in an accident.

Don’t Stay Longer Than You’re Welcomed

Those who host holiday gatherings in their home have been working and stressed about the event long before it was time for you to show up. As much as they love you and appreciate you coming, there comes a time when you have to go. Do yourself a favor and don’t end up being the guest that never leaves or that the host has to physically kick out. Most people give a timeframe for the event so try to leave then unless you’re helping with the cleanup. If there was no time set, pay attention to the crowd, if everyone else is starting to head for the door, it doesn’t make sense for you to stick around.

Respect Their Home

Whether a family member, friend or neighbor, someone has invited you into their home. They have invested a lot of time and money into their home and making it special just for your arrival. Whether you’re going to be an overnight guest or not, you need to make sure that you respect their home. Steer clear of rooms where doors are closed as this is likely off limits. When using the restroom, make sure that you put things back in their place. And at the very least, make sure that you clean up after yourself so they don’t have to.

The holidays are certainly a great time to spend with those you love. As you’re welcomed into the homes of other, keep these etiquette tips in mind. A guest who treats the host and their home with respect is a guest that will be welcomed back year after year.


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