9 Nordic deco ideas for a chic Christmas

We get Scandi deco inspiration for our homes anytime and also when it comes to a dreamy Christmas, the Nordics know best. So, we gathered nine dreamy Christmas arrangement that show a minimal, stylish and classy Scandi style that you will love for your lovely home:

1. Pick floating ornaments

Hang the days until Christmas on a tree branch. It will seem like the days fly by and your home will look simply dreamy!

2. Hang wrapped gifts

Shop early this Christmas and hang the gifts for your friends and family on a tree branch. Pick white and red, the themed Christmas color and bring a holiday vibe in your home.

3. Make a beautiful Christmas crown

Get creative and make a beautiful Christmas crown. Add it in a stylish corner of your room and place this arrangement where everybody can see it – the living room or the hallway.

4. Add lovely decorations in jars

Add Christmas tree branches and cones in a lovely jar with a cork cover. This arragement will look simply dreamy in any corner of your room or placed on your coffee table.

5. Pick a small tree in a pot

Instead of a big tree, add a beautiful small tree in a pot and add it in a beautiful and minimal corner of your room. You can even decorate it with glossy ornament or neutral globes.

6. Add tree branches in minimal vases

Add a lot of minimal vases in your home and instead of flowers add beautiful green tree branches in them. Add them on books, on your coffee table or on your desk for a fresh and Christmassy vibe.

7. Decorate tree branches

Decorate old tree branches with lights or ornament and create a unique arrangement in your dreamy home that will be perfect for your coffee or dinner table.

8. Add wrapped gift everywhere!

Wrap gifts in beautiful white or neutral paper and add them around some decorated tree branches. Add this arrangement in a corner of your home like one in your living space.

9. Style up a corner of you room in a neutral color scheme

Last, but not least it all comes to styling when we think about the Nordic décor So using themed Xmas deco items, tree branches, lights and framed black and white Christmas create a dreamy corner in your home perfect for this holiday.


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