7 Dreamy white interiors that bring a winter wonderland in your home

This Christmas we dream in white and picture the perfect winter wonderland in our dreamy home. So think about a white Xmas tree and all white furniture and deco items, the perfect scenario for a winter tale of the deco world:

1. White balance

Everything white, everything dreamy.. and also really clean. An interior like this is perfect for organizational freaks or people who love a perfect white and clean room. It’s also a minimal’s lover dream and a perfect interior for the cold winter season, especially if you add some fluffy white covers on your chairs and sofa.

2. White corner

Make a perfect relaxing space with a calm vibe using white for your nook, rocking chair, rug and coffee table. Add also white plants and white candles for a dreamy vibe of the space.

3. Glam vibe

Mix white with a touch of gold for a glam and uber chic interior. Add in this beautiful room a lot of cute vases and fancy flowers such as beautiful white roses. Also, don’t forget cozy elements such as a cute tea pot or some cozy blankets.

4. The white desk

Decorate the front of your desk with chic white elements and also some theme Xmas ornaments. Use abstract and geometric elements and match them whit a minimal desk and a fancy or retro chair, in white of course!

5. The white living room

This kind interior is so pretty in white, especially on the winter season! So make sure you have tons of white blankets, the knitted ones are my favorites, and also a lot of white candles. Then, invite your friends over and start decorating this interior with white Christmas items. Such a winter wonderland!

6. Got milk?

Make a cute, chic or funny white picture the statement piece of your monochrome living room. Match it with minimal chairs, a simple coffee table and some pretty white deco objects around it, like these lovely white plates.

7. Industrial love

The industrial style can be really pretty also in white, so keep in mind this style for your kitchen remodeling! So pick some white vintage bar stools, an industrial table and some vintage white benches for your kitchen. Add pillows and covers to bring a cozy and wintery vibe to the whole space.

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