10 Dreamy headboards that wish you good night

Dreaming of a magical night and a gorgeous bedroom? Well, a cool deco item can help you out and we’re thinking about a splendid headboard that will make your bed really dreamy. So, we selected ten beautiful headboards for your bedroom and bellow you can find where to shop them. Sleep tight:


1. Galaxy night

This beautiful headboard shaped as an arc really captures that magical feeling a nigh has. It make you dream of stars and astrology and it’s also pretty classy.

2. Summer nights

This headboard looks so relaxing and makes me think of and exotic resort in a beautiful island. So choose it for your splendid bedroom and start dreaming about your perfect vacation.


3. Dreaming of a Riviera vacation

This beautiful headboard with navy stripes is perfect for a house by the sea or for a dreamer that really loves going to the sea and the beach. Also, this headboard is super chic and works magic in a neutral bedroom.

4. The elegant factor

Perfect for a classy bedroom, this headboard has a glam touch. You can choose it in any color you wish for, but our favorite is blue, because it brings a calm vibe into the space.

5. White night

This very relaxing bed is perfect for a boho room or an endless dreamer. It also looks very comfy and you will want to spend at least one day in bed.

6. Glam details

This cute headboard will really be the star of your bedroom. To make it more gorgeous mix it with some printed pillows and enjoy this dreamy decor piece.

7. Vacation mood

Travelling around the world? Well, dream big with this cute headboard that make me think of a fancy city and that goes perfect with a dreamy picture on top of it, showing your favorite city, of course!

8. Moroccan vibe

Want an exotic touch in your home? Well, this dreamy headboard is the perfect thing for you! It looks amazing and it will make your bedroom more gorgeous than ever.

9. Chic moment

Simple, yet chic, this cute headboard will bring style into your bedroom. Moreover, it’s really easy to match and has also an industrial twist to it.

10. Space man

This headboard will definitely make you think about space and dream big. With a great futuristic design and a cozy touch, this deco item will really make a difference in your bedroom. Make sure you pair it with a great design piece, such as a futuristic lamp.

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