Frameless Glass Pool Fence: Less can Sometimes be More

All kinds of pool fences are designed with the same thing in mind –welfare of the families who decide to install the fences. So, it must not come as a surprise that each pool fence not only ensures safety of your family but also has some added benefits.

Similarly, frameless glass pool fencing also has many benefits. If you live in Brisbane, then you will be able to find online and offline businesses that supply and instal superior-quality fence for swimming pools of all shapes and sizes.

 Why Consider Installing the Frameless Kind of Glass Pool Fences?

In glass pool fences, you will find other variants are available. Each has its own pros and cons, but the frameless kind has many benefits as well. Some of the benefits include:

  Uninterrupted View of The Pool and also of surroundings:

More than swimming accidents, children or pets falling into the pool is becoming a growing concern for families who have pools at their home. Any kind of pool fence helps to minimize such accidents, but the frameless glass fences offer an uninterrupted view for all sides of the pool.

So, even if some mishap occurs on the other side of the pool, you will be able to handle the situation before any major disaster happens.


A pool itself adds aesthetic value to your home, so it is imperative that you choose a pool fence that contributes to the purpose.

If you choose a frameless option, then it definitely adds and enhances the look of your home. Such a pool fence blends beautifully with the surroundings and does not look awkward with your pool.

  Enhanced Safety Feature:

Children will be playful, and there are chances their little shenanigans might damage the pool fence. A similar event may happen with your pets. So, if the fence is not strong enough, then the purpose of the pool guard fails.

If you install a frameless pool fence made of glass, then you can relax. These fences are made of tempered or toughened glass that can absorb the impact and not break.

  Reduced Gaps and Edges:

The best thing about frameless pool fences made of glass is that there is negligible gap in between the glass panels, ensuring that children do not squeeze through the gaps or get their fingers stuck.

Moreover, you can customize the size and shape of the glass panel and have it made to order.


Glass is a material that is sturdy not only in terms of strength but maintenance as well. Mould does not grow rapidly on glass, neither does it fade out. Water stains, dirt and other kind of stains can also be washed off easily.

All of these things make the glass pool fencing easy to maintain. This kind of pool fence being frameless is an added advantage as the whole thing is made of glass, so there is no nook or corner that will require extra effort to clean.


Glass does not leach out harmful material into the water. So, you can relax that your water will never get contaminated if you are installing a glass fence around the pool.

Frameless means that the whole thing is of glass, so there is no other material that might come in contact with the water in the swimming pool, enhancing the hygienic quotient of your pool.

 Does Frameless Pool Fences Made of Glass Have Added Benefits?

Yes, it definitely has. When you go on to install a glass pool fence you ensure that all the sides of the pool are exposed, even if you are far away, like in the kitchen. This helps you to keep a lookout so that your kids or pets do not get into trouble.

When you use the frameless kind of glass fence, then the view becomes clearer, enhancing the security of your family.

Apart from that, another added advantage is you get to save money on maintenance. This is because such fences are low maintenance and easy to clean.

With these pool fences installed around your pool, you will be able to roam around tension free in your home and enjoy a swim or dip once in a while.

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