Easy Feng Shui rules to follow for your home office

Looking for the perfect relaxing home office that will also increase your creativity and your work flow? Well, let’s think in Feng Shui terms and follow three simple rules that can help us find your balance in this productive interior of your dreamy homes:

1. Colors to choose

Dark Blue – The healing colors and full of energy that can help you relax more. That’s why blue, but especially dark blue it’s a perfect shade for your office space. To make the most of its energy, combine it with black and you will have the perfect office space to do your best work.

Black – Representing power, modernity and elegance, black is a good color for your office, but try to use it in a small scale and match it with shades of blue for a perfect balance in your office space. It’s also the color of mystery, it’s introspected and shows sophistication and matched with a brighter shade it can help you relax more in your office and find the perfect energy to work.

2. Add a element with water

Your office space is the one that connects the most with the water elements and takes out its energy from it, so make sure you have something that involves water in your home office. Think of a small aquarium, a tiny water fountain or even a vase with water and flowers. Water symbolizes release and renewal and it can help you forget more of your work problems and stress and think more of a happy future. It also helps you think more clearly, have more inspiration and be more relaxed, letting all the bad things and problems go away.

3. Decor to choose

Everybody loves to decorate its office and make it more beautiful and personal, but there are certain items you can’t miss from a well-balanced office space:

  • Pictures and symbols of water or liquid

  • Pictures showing the career path you want to be in

  • Floating shaped objects made out of glass

Every item should be calm, should help your career path and should have a purpose in this area of your home.

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