7 New IKEA items you will love right now

Just in time for winter, we analyzed the new IKEA items and selected our top seven items that can make our home even cuter for the holiday season. Affordable, practical and versatile, these items are super dreamy and we are sure you will love them:

1. The shabby desk

This practical folding desk named ‘’Ingatorp’’ is perfect for a person who has a lot of work to do in his home office and need lots of space. It’s also shabby and elegant and can match any kind of room.

2. The practical nightstand

Used as a cool coffee table for your living room or as a chic and minimal nightstand for your bedroom, ‘’Setskog’’ table is perfect for your modern interior. So, decorate it with style and discover how versatile it can be.

3. The chic sofa

If you’re looking for a small and chic sofa, ‘’Ypperlig’’ is the right one for you. It has a beautiful blue color and it’s perfect for a green corner in your home.

4. The unique magazine stand

Do you gather a lot of magazines and enjoy reading? Well, the new ‘’Ypperlig’’ magazine stand that looks like a small home is perfect for storage and you can add it next to your sofa or in a corner of your living room.

5. The minimal sofa

A perfect sitting or sleeping item, ‘’Ypperlig’’ sofa is that minimal and classy item that will make your living room looking beautiful and modern.

6. The industrial stool

‘’Kullaberg’’ stool is the chair you need in an industrial home. You can use for your bar, desk or dining table and you will see how modern your home will look and also it will have a cool pub vibe, that’s perfect for entertaining your guests.

7. The eclectic table

Perfect for a modern or industrial space, the ‘’Glasholm’’ table looks really cool in any office space. Match it with a black or green chair and start working in your fantastic desk.

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