7 Gorgeous Scandi living rooms that welcome winter

For the winter season make your living room cozy and entertaining and start inviting your family and friends over. Because we love so much the Scadinavian style we picked seven gorgeous living room decorated in this versatile style that is the perfect match for the winter season:

1. Pattern Mix

The fall and winter colors seem to blend up together in a great pattern game. The pillows are mixed and matched in abstract patterns and also these kinds of patterns are shown in a very cool gallery wall.

2. Easy winter

Pick a cool coffee table made out of wood and decorate it with some cool three branches that you can eventually decorate with Xmas ornaments. Keep a neutral color palette and decorate the space with abstract art.

3. The charming living room

Make a Scandi living room really fabulous adding a gorgeous chandelier. Also for a cool vibe add a wooden coffee table on wheels and some fashionable pictures around the room.

4. Tiny cozy space

Make a tiny living space super cozy by adding covers everywhere and candles on a huge coffee table. Don’t forget some knitted pillow covers and a cool lamp that will give a chill vibe to the space.

5. Cozy time

Make a cute space around the fireplace using printed cozy rugs and a relaxing lounge chair filled with pillows. Also, to make everything more pretty make a gorgeous setup on your coffee table.

6. White winter

Choose an all white deco for your living room and let the fireplace be the main element of this space. Everything will look pretty, clean and super relaxing!

7. Blue dream

A mix of soft and dark blue is perfect for the winter season and for your dreamy living room. Combine them with grey, white and with lots of deco items in blue shades.

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