7 Dreamy things that shouldn’t miss from your bedroom this season

November is the perfect moth to make your bedroom looking super cozy and perfect for winter. So start warming it up and making it look like the perfect home, just in time for Christmas! Here are seven dreamy tricks for you:

1. Magic lights

We know it’s not holiday yet but is the holyday season and some magic lights will fit perfectly your gorgeous room, especially if you like to dream with your eyes open! Add them around your bed or around a framed picture and enjoy a cozy day at home.

2. Lots of pillows

This season you will need a lot of pillows to keep you warm and comfy so don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and fabrics. The cutest ones you can choose this season? Well, the velvet, knitted and furry ones for sure!

3. Candles

Get a cozy and warm vibe in your bedroom by adding a lot of scented candles. Try the cinnamon flavor or vanilla, these seasons’ favorites! Add them on a dreamy bench or a nightstand next to your dreamy bed.

4. Memories

Add cute pictures with your friends and family around you room to make it feel warm and welcoming. Collect memories and always think of the happy moments with them!

5. A cozy blanket

Add a cute knitted blanket on your bed in a neutral color that will make your bed looking cozy and just perfect for a relaxing afternoon at home. Match it with neutral sheets and or course, a lot of pillows!

6. Hanged deco art

Hang art all around your room and bed to make your bedroom looking like its decorated for a special holiday. You will love the artsy mood your room will have and also a personalized bedroom it’s for sure cozier than others!

7. A relaxing color scheme

From blue to dusty pink and soft grey, a relaxing color scheme it’s a must for your bedroom this season! It will help you sleep, concentrate more and really enjoy you room. Also, it matches the winter color scheme.

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