6 Easy ways in which paint can separate a space and make it dreamy

Whether you are living in a small space with just a few rooms or in a big space that lack a bit of personality, colorful wall are the perfect key elements for your home. From creating a new space to making a bold corner, try a colorful wall in your home and you will love the result, here are 6 easy tricks for you:

1. Make a new room in a small apartment

When you are living in an open space and you don’t have walls to separate the room, use wall paint in pastel, bold or dark colors to make certain rooms look like a separate bedroom or an office space.

2. Separate your office from the rest of the house

Make your office space look different no matter where it is. Paint the walls around it in a color that will make a contrast with your whole home and that will also be like your personality – pastels for a girly space and dark colors such as navy blue for masculine rooms.

3. Make a dreamy bedroom in an open space

Separate your bedroom from your living room by using a dark color that will be in contrast with your white walls. We recommend painting the bedroom in a mysterious shade that’s perfect for the vibe of this certain room.

4. Emphasize on a bookshelf

Make your bookshelf pop up in the living room using a trendy or bold color that will make it the star of the room. Your books will look prettier than ever and your living room will have a great contrast!

5. Create a dreamy nook

Make your nook more special and private by painting the walls in an optimistic color such as yellow or orange. You will feel more relaxed and happy while enjoying a quiet time in your home sanctuary.

6. Make your kitchen shine in an open living room

If your kitchen is in an open space with your living room, make it pop up using colors, especially is your have a kitchen bar. The contrast will look great and you will feel like having a special dinner or pub in your dreamy home.

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