6 Amazing wall murals you will dream about

If you are a dreamer and you are fascinated by the art scene or you love travelling, then you need to have a dreamy mural wall in your lovely home. It will help you escape the ordinary and dream about a splendid city, a nature scene or the lovely galaxy. Think big and don’t forget the sky is the limit – here are six wall murals we really love:

1. A chic walk in Paris

Make your living room looking like the chic Paris by adding a wall mural next to your comfy sofa. You can imagine you’re in a chic street in the lovely Paris, serving a great coffee, so make sure you add a stylish coffee table next to your couch.

2. Sunny resort vibe

Imagine living in a cave or in a dreamy bungalow next to the sea. So, add this amazing mural in the most comfortable room of your home -the bedroom that is – and enjoy a relaxing day at home.

3. Urban chic

Make a day dream corner in your home by adding a relaxing chair, a reading lamp and some magazines and books next to a dreamy wall mural. Pick for your splendid wall a small city, or a beautiful place in the nature.

4. Big city life

If you love the crowded big cities make your living room looking like one. Then, decorate the whole room with cool objects and colorful deco items such as a yellow coffee table or a green lamp.

5. Mountain dream

If you are a big nature fan, this is the perfect mural for you. Add this amazing wall mural in your bedroom or living room and imagine being in a tent under the stars, instead of your bed, at least for one night!

6. Blue flowers

In a hallway or next to your living room dressing, make a beautiful corner adding only white and neutral deco items. Then, create an amazing blue wall mural next to them to make the mural drawing really stand out in the room.

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