5 Stylish tricks to give a farmhouse vibe to your lovely home

The farmhouse style seems to be an endless source of inspiration and it’s that great chic look you want in your home when you’re searching for peace, quiet and a vacation mood. That’s why you can have at least one farmhouse accent in your home and to inspire you we thought about five great ones:

1. Pick steel windows

Cool and very versatile, the steel windows can match every style, but they will also bring a farmhouse feeling into your home. Also, this season they are very trendy and they come in any shade there is and also in the elegant black.

2. Add vintage details

Mix new items with vintage details and you will get the perfect mix for any space and also a lot of style for your dreamy home. It’s great when mixing old and new chairs or an old table with some new items or armchairs around it.

3. Choose a dreamy chandelier

Giving a romantic note to a space, a dreamy chandelier is that ambient lightning you need in a farmhouse room. So, from your bathroom to your kitchen, you can pick a fancy chandelier in each one of your home rooms.

4. Pick open shelves instead of cabinets

The coolest things for your kitchen right now are the open shelves that show great taste and a lot of cute mugs or plates. Add also open shelves in your living room or bathroom and enjoy this farmhouse vibe in your home. Might be the the quickest way to sell a house too.

5. Don’t forget the rustic details

Raffia elements, wooden objects, the rustic pieces are the items that define the farmhouse style. But, their also have a relaxing color palette and they go great with any kind of style, especially a minimal room!

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