5 Reasons why we love Black Flame – The paint color of 2018

The blend between black and navy, ‘’Black Flame’’ is that elegant shade you will admire on the trendiest walls of 2018. So, get started already with this modern color and start painting one or more walls of your home with this dreamy shade. If you’re not convinced yet here are five reasons why we really love it:

1. It makes objects really stand out in a room

In a room with a Black Flame wall all the objects become the center pieces of the room. This colors gives them the perfect contrast to really stand out in a room and catch your attention. So, if you have beautiful objects that you want everybody to see, try this dreamy shade for your wall.

2. It’s super elegant

Being a combo between two very classy shades – black and navy, this color add depth to a space and a elegant vibe that will make your guest really enjoy your beautiful home.

3. It’s versatile

From a minimal room to a retro space this classy color can work its way in any interior bringing a modern vibe. So, don’t hesitate when picking this great shade for your home and embrace its beauty and elegance.

4. This color is perfect for a statement wall

If you want to have a statement wall in your home where you can make a gallery wall, add a reading nook or place your sofa or bed, ‘’Black Flame’’ is the perfect shade for it.

5. It gives a space a luxurious vibe.

Mixed with golden deco items and a lot of pastels, this dreamy shade will give a luxurious vibe to any room. So, it’s ideal for a dark luxurious bathroom, a master suite or a modern living space.


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