7 Inspiring ideas on how to show off your book collection in a dreamy way

It’s reading time and as your favorite deco items your books have to be shown off in a dreamy way in your gorgeous home. To help you out we found seven easy tricks to show off your books so start decorating and organizing:

1. Add them on a bench next to your bed

Make a bedroom really dreamy by adding a bench next to your lovely bed. It’s a great storing solution and it’s perfect if you are a book lover and you have a big collection to show off in a dreamy and practical way.

2. Make a styling scheme and follow it

Mix books with deco items and pick a neutral color scheme that’s minimal and also really modern. You will have a beautiful bookcase that will make your living room cooler than ever.

3. Make a color code

In a retro or creative space, organize your books by colors and you will have a happy display that you will enjoy. This is the fairy tale dream for books and it will make you want to read more.

4. Display books as art objects

Besides being fun and interesting a lot of books are truly pretty so pick your favorite ones and display them as art objects. Mix the way you lay them out – horizontal or vertical, play with volumes and add pretty objects like candles or bottles in between them.

5. Make a dreamy pile of books

Make a dreamy pile of books for a reading nook or in a corner of your room and add them next to a big industrial lamp. This arrangement will look lovely and it will make any interior looking like an artsy coffee shop.

6. Turn them around

For a neutral and dreamy color scheme turn your books around. This arrangement will look lovely and it will give a calm vibe to any space. Moreover, it will show unity in any kind of space or bookshelf.

7. Add them on your coffee table

Use big books and albums to make cute arrangements on your coffee table. Pick books that can show interest to your guests and add around them a vase, a cute tray and some candles.

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