6 Dreamy ways in which you can bring a Californian vibe into your home

Even if its fall you can still dream about the hot season and bring the Californian chic vibe into your lovely bedroom. This style gives a room a relaxing feeling and brings joy and style into your entire home. So, here are six great tips for you:

1. Add cute ethno pillows

Bring personality to a neutral bed by adding colorful ethno pillows in different shapes and sizes. To emphasize the Cali chic vibe add also a wooden bed frame and a lot of green plants.

2. Choose a chic cover for your bed

Pick neutral printed pillow for your bed but, make it really pretty using a colorful cover in an ethno print.  Add also exotic plants and hang boho items around your chic room.

3. Pick a cool rug

Any neutral or minimal bedroom can get the perfect Californian vibe with the right ethno rug. Pick one thats bigger than your bed or add a small one in front of your bed.

4. Replace a painting with a printed fabric

Instead of a painting or a gallery wall, add next to your bed a printed fabric with ethno accents. Also, to bring balance to the space match it with your bed pillows.

5. Add a cactus on your nightstand

You know cactuses are the best plants you can pick in a Californian chic interior, so make sure to add a plant like this on your stylish nightstand. Match it with ethno patterns and a lot of boho items.

6. Pick a wooden bed frame

A wooden bed frame is the ideal frame for a Californian chic bedroom, especially if it has a unique shape. Match a wooden nightstand to go with it and add a cool printed cover with frills on your bed.

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