6 Cozy & dreamy nooks for rainy days

Since we’re becoming more and more nostalgic as fall goes by, it’s time to create the perfect cozy nook that will help you get over a rainy fall day in a happy and relaxing way. Think of the perfect space for reading or serving hot tea and start decorating it properly. Here are six suggestions for you:

1. Scandinavian love

Get cozy in this fall nook filled with pillows in warm colors and a cute and fluffy cover that makes any bench really stylish. Decorate the space with fall flowers and enjoy a rainy day at home!

2. Rain, read, its fall!

Scented candles and fluffy covers? Yes, please! Pick all the cozy items you need and colorful fall elements like pumpkins and add a relaxing fall vibe in your reading nook.

3. Lights up!

For another kind of cozy vibe, more mysterious that is, pick dreamy lights and add them around your lovely nook. Add also scented candles, books and a cute cover for the floor and don’t forget your favorite music!

4. Orange details

Pick a really comfy and cool armchair and decorate it with fun pillows in the beautiful fall shades.  Pick also some neutrals covers, printed mugs and some board games or books to fill your spare time with.

5. Stylish vibes

Make a very stylish space in your living room filled with chic covers, neutral pillows and of course, a very comfy armchair. Also, for a more relaxing vibe, surround yourself with plants and three branches.

6. Bedroom scenario

In your bedroom or in a spare room make a floor bed full of pillows and leave a wall just for playing some romantic and fun movies. You can also add lights and candles around it to set the mood and enjoy a fun rainy day at home.

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