5 Easy tricks to make your small bedroom feel big and luxurious

Even if you have a small bedroom you can give it that master suite vibe and enjoy it as a fancy hotel room. So, here are five easy tricks with which you can improve your tiny bedroom and make it look big and luxurious:

1. Keep it ”all white”

he Property Managers at Century 21 Everest Realty Group says, white always gives the illusion of space, so the more the merrier.  Also, white gives that clean and organized look a hotel room always has, and also gives a chic a luxurious vibe to a room. So, try it out in you dreamy bedroom!

2. Choose a canopy bed

If you have a tiny bedroom with a high ceiling, the canopy bed is just perfect for you! Pick one with a tiny frame that will fit better the space and enjoy this lovely room. Add a comfy mattress for a good night’s sleep.

3. Add under your bed a huge rug

A rug that covers every space you have in the bedroom will make this interior look big and also pretty chic. So, make sure the rug you choose is a lot bigger than the bed and pick a printed one or one that’s really comfy one to step on.

4. Decorate the wannabe master bed with a bench

A bench will make the bed look bigger and it will also create a new sitting area that will give the whole room the feeling of more space. Also, the whole interior will get a cool layered vibe and everything will seem more organized, like in a hotel!

5. Pick statement pieces

From a dreamy chandelier or pendant, to the bed frame, a fancy armchair or a cool nightstand, everything can be big in your small bedroom as long as it fits. Every statement piece you’ll choose will give the room the feeling of a master suite that you will really enjoy. And besides statement pieces choose a great mattress for the best comfort.

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