Trouble Deciding Between Indoor and Outdoor Shutters? These 4 Tips Will Help!

As part of your home makeover, the subject of shutters has arisen. You like the idea of adding them to the windows, but what type of shutter would be best? There’s the option of traditional working shutters that are mounted on the exterior of each window as well as shutters to mount in the window frames on the inside. Both design options come with benefits worth considering. Here are four tips that will help you decide which solution is best.

Outdoor Shutters Add More Visual Interest to the Exterior

If you are more interested in adding a decorative element, you’ll find that the money spent on outdoor shutters that flank each of your windows is a good approach. Whether they are working shutters or permanently attached to the exterior wall, the shutters add another element of visual interest to what could be a somewhat plain wall. You’ll find that the range of designs for exterior vinyl shutters allows you to choose a color and style that blends in with the other architectural elements of your home and gives the place a more complete look.

Indoor Shutters as Part of a Window Treatment

Perhaps you like the idea of adding shutters on the inside rather than the exterior. This is especially true for homeowners who want something a little different for their window treatments that the typical combination of blinds with panels. You can use this element to visually connect the window treatment to the woodwork in the room, or go with a color that picks up on one of the secondary hues used in other parts of the room. The combination of the color and the shutter design will add a greater amount of visual unity to the space while also allowing you to dress the windows in something other than the usual way.

The Matter of Privacy

You like privacy but you also like the ability to let sunshine in and look out the window when the mood strikes. One way to have the best of both worlds is to look at the options found at for best window coverings in Toronto. The shutters can be mounted to cover the bottom sash and provide a reasonable amount of privacy. At the same time, you’ll get plenty of natural light through the top sash.

The Home Security Factor

Both types of shutters can add another layer of security to your home. Working shutters that are mounted on the outside of each window allow you to close them when the need arises. Many shutter designs include locks that make it difficult for anyone to pry them open. You can close the shutters before leaving on a trip and know that any would-be intruders have one more obstruction that will make entering the home difficult.

If you opt for indoor shutters, remember they can also be equipped with locks. In the event a burglar manages to get through the glass, there is still the matter of dealing with the closed and locked shutters. While the intruder is busy getting through the shutters, your security alarm goes off and the local authorities will be in the way.

There are plenty of benefits you can enjoy with each shutter design. Talk with an expert and determine which one would work best for your home. Once the shutters are in place, you’ll see how they add to the home in more than one way.


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