My pinning list – The inspiration for my future home

Is the year for the big changes, and as Denisa, this year I’m also changing homes and I can’t wait to start decorating my new place. Seeing everyday tones of inspiration and sorting through your personal favorite things, gives you a ton of ideas for how your future home will look like. I always tought I will pick something more Scandinavian like, but then I wanted amid century home and ended up with a more futuristic one, modern with a rock star vibe. As, I already started purchasing furniture and my living room is almost ready, I will give you a insight on my Pinterest inspiration and that certain rooms that stuck in my imagination and made me desire certain items:

Time to sleep

This floating nightstand gives a great minimal vibe to the room and I also love the loose light bulb that gives a relaxing note to the whole space. This framed photo is seductive and cool and blends in great with this minimal scenario and the neutral colors of the room.

Aristocratic mood

A gallery wall is the essential piece in a living room, so make it using photos with a great impact that really define you. Next to them add the dining area filled with cool and fancy chairs that your guests will really enjoy.


The cute bar

I always wanted a bar in my home and the essentials are: a dreamy cart which I can fill with the cutest glasses and bottles and an eye catchy painting of something relating to models, rock stars celebrities or beverages, something that can make me think of an old Hollywood bar.

Guitar walls

I love hanging electric guitars in a home, it will be such a rock star place and so Cribs like. Mix them with a great sofa and some cool chairs or armchairs and also a gallery wall filled with photos with bands and music artist. So cool!

The cool kitchen

Pick a round table for your kitchen and mix and match cool or identical chairs around it. Also, make a fake brick wall using wallpaper and fill the space with cool framed photos that will make the space looking like an American dinner.

The perfect corner

A stunning framed photo can easily catch your attention along with a minimal library. This stylish corner can be placed in any kind of home and can really feel like it’s the perfect fit.

Bed time

Think of an original nightstand like this Eames chair placed instead of a classic side table. Place framed photos next to your wall instead of hanging them, pick neutrals for your bedroom and don’t forget the lovely green plants in this dreamy scenario.

Reading game

Besides reading them, the books look great in any home, especially when they are placed on small gorgeous table. Also to make this corner even fancier pick a representative photo like this one and the whole setting will be amazing for your home!

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