7 Splendid Mediterranean rooms that make your home look like a resort

Still feeling the need for an exotic vacation? Well, this seven Mediterranean inspired rooms will make you want to redecorate your home to prolong summer a little more. Here are a couple of dreamy suggestions for you:


1. Dream by the sea

This inspiration is perfect for a big balcony or terrace. Go for a bench or outdoor bed, se a lot of dreamy  pillows  and decorate its surrounding with enchanting lamps, vases and plants. It looks so dreamy, right?

2. Chic pillows

A mix of blue printed pillows on top of a couch can give that Mediterranean vibe to a room. Match them also with some lovely flowers and a dreamy bench in white and blue. The result? A perfect relaxing nook.

3. Home sweet home

Pick a Mediterranean oversized painting as your main item in the living room. Then, match it with dreamy blue pillows and an armchair in the same colour palette. They work wonder paired with brown and they give you that illusion of sea and sand.

4. Exotic mood

This exotic room has that calm Mediterranean vibe and you will love to have this kind of bedroom in your home. So pick a cover in the color of the sea, add rattan elements such as a bench or a lamp and hang hats on the wall giving the room that vacation feel.

5. Deep blue sea

Pick a vintage inspired coffee table in the beach colors and match it with a themed painting and some pillows. Leave your walls painted in a perfect white and don’t pick too much furniture.


6. The neutral details

Pick Earthy tones and neutral elements from a dreamy Mediterranean kitchen. Make sure you have a lot of furniture elements made out of wood or rattan to create a welcoming and warm vibe into this lovely space.

7. The dreamy bathroom

Pick white and blue tiles in an artistic pattern to add on the wall surrounding your bathtub or shower. Decorate the space also with dreamy green plants and you will have a Mediterranean oasis in your own bathroom

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