7 Dreamy & lazy bedrooms that will make you decide to have breakfast in bed

It’s the weekend, so let’s start the day step by step, in a lazy way. How do you feel like having breakfast in bed? Sounds great, right? Well, here are seven splendid bedrooms that will make you decide to start your day slow and in a dreamy way:

1. Super lazy day

This bedroom looks so relaxing that will be pretty hard to leave it and go outside. So, start your day in bed with a delicious breakfast, read a magazine and drink a great homemade coffee.

2. Pink touches

For a relaxing bedroom, pick pink and grey and make everything dreamy with flowers in the same pink shade. Add also some deco items made out of wood like a cute nightstand and a breakfast tray that will make you feel closer to nature.

3. Fancy moments

In neutral bedroom add some cute colors like pink and blue to create a happy place in which you can relax having breakfast in bed. Add a vase of flowers next to your bed, fluffy pillows and cozy covers.

4. Neutral look

This calming bedroom in neutral shades is perfect to serve breakfast in bed. So, create the perfect morning scenario by adding a beautiful framed picture, some white flowers and, also, don’t forget a gorgeous breakfast tray.

5. Cozy weekend

Surround yourself with cozy elements like pillows and furry covers and prepare for a rainy weekend. Don’t forget to add dreamy plants around the room and some book to read after the perfect breakfast in bed.

6. Royal vibe

This bedroom looks really feminine and has a royal touch to it. So, imagine serving an aristocratic breakfast in your own home surrounded by precious pillows and beautiful flowers.

7. Nature feeling

This relaxing bedroom looks like you’re serving breakfast in a garden or an enchanted forest. So decorate your bedroom with big plants and lights and bring some magic into the space, even in the morning.

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