5 Easy tricks to style a tiny space

Living in a tiny space? Well, decorate it with style  and you will love it more and more as the days go by. To help you out, we gathered five tricks you should apply in a small space that will really make your home as dreamy as possible:

1. Add a little bit of drama

If most of the furniture has to be tiny and you also don’t have that many objects to show in the room, choose a wow piece by adding a dreamy chandelier or a really cool lamp. It’s enough space on the ceiling so you can go as wild or glamorous as you wish.

2. Make a statement with everything

Because less is more is this kind of space, make sure that the items of furniture you pick and the deco items you choose are statement pieces. Pick something unique that reflects your personality and don’t be afraid to go eclectic or mix a lot of colors and patterns in this space.

3. Use the mirror reflection wisely

Decorate your tiny space with as many mirrors as you wish and pick beautiful ones with statement frames. Also, instead of a classic table or coffee table, pick one made of glass, in this way both the table and the mirror will reflect better the light and give the illusion of space to the room.

4. Classy is the word for wall colors

In a tiny space pick white or grey as the main wall color. These colors will help you increase the illusion of space and being also classy and elegant, they can truly make a small space looking chic.

5. Multitasking is the main key of this space!

From hidden solutions to furniture with double purpose, any piece of furniture you choose has to have multiple purposes. Like a soft coffee table that’s also a chair or an ottoman that’s also a hiding place for your books and magazines.

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  1. Great tIps! I live in a small hoMe built in 1939. I’m always looking for ideas to help it feel more sPacious. I’m gonna redo my livinGroom this weekend and try some of your suggestions! 😁