4 dreamy gray bedrooms to inspire you this fall

Looking for some clean and crisp inspiration for your bedroom? Let me help you! Your bedroom is one of the most important living spaces in your house so giving it a good vibe is essential to your well-being. Gray is trending right now so give your bedroom a dramatic yet subtle look using a gray scaled colour scheme.

  1. The gray wall

An accent wall in gray can make a huge difference in your bedroom as it mutes down the sharpness  of the other stronger colors. It also defines the room by creating a balanced frame.


  1. Color accents

Choose gray furniture to decorate your bedroom and add pink accent pieces to make it look comfortable, cozy and very feminine. It will make your nights relaxing and it will motivate your mornings.


  1. Natural light

Natural light is essential to any room that is not white. Large windows decorated with pillows and maybe a bench will make the room look more interesting and will give it a cozier vibe. The light makes the room seem less gloomy.


  1. Decor pieces

If you go for  gray scaled bedroom don’t forget to add interesting decor pieces so you don’t get bored with a standard look. Add wall art in the same color scheme, a knitted blanket that can change up the space with every season or even mirrors that can make the room appear bigger.



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