3 Things You Should Know About Home Renovation

Give your home a ceiling to floor renovation this season with some of our expert tips from home renovation professionals!

Everyone wants to give their home an updated, and stylish new look, but sometimes it’s not all about the re-decorating. At times you really have to go in and do the dirty work meaning ripping old flooring out, changing your layout, installing new heating, lighting fixtures and so much more. Renovating your home is really not that simple, especially if you have no prior experience. Sometimes it also hard to decide on what exactly you should be changing in your home and where you should be investing the most of your money in.

If you’ve never renovated your home before, or you are currently renovating and stuck with no clear guideline on where to go from there, read on! Follow our guide with some of our expert tips to help you get started on your next home renovation:

Install New Flooring


One thing that really makes a huge difference in any home is new, and updated flooring. Don’t be fooled, this is a huge project but it’s not as hard as it looks. You can find a huge range of good quality and cheap laminate flooring available to buy online that are relatively easy to install because of its “click” groove feature, where the panels simply click into place! This is a huge bonus for someone that may not be a flooring professional, but can easily install it themselves without having to pay thousands of dollars in labor costs.

Keeping an eye out on the latest decorating trends is one thing you should definitely be doing during your home renovation. If you’ve noticed, dark hardwood flooring is gracing all the home magazine covers this year and it’s one look we’ve grown to love. Hardwood flooring is being used throughout whole homes, from the entrance to the kitchen and even bathroom. The downside of this? Expensive maintenance costs and a downright – nightmare! Hardwood flooring is extremely sensitive to moisture and can warp and bubble if exposed to water.

A great alternative to the hardwood-flooring trend is engineered laminate flooring. This flooring gives you the look and feel of real hardwoodand is much more durable and family friendly. Gone are the days when laminate flooring was a cheap alternative that only your grandma had, it has definitely improved and actually looks quite stunning! There are tons of luxurious laminate flooring colors that you can choose from to match your home’s style and esthetic.

Walls and Ceiling

Take a good look at your walls and fix any cracks, water spots, or damage you may see. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just paint over a huge water spot on the ceiling, but it’s important to get down to the root of the problem. If you think you’ve solved the problem with paint, you can bet you will be seeing that spot again pretty soon. Once you’ve fixed any wall damage, it’s time to get down the making your walls look pretty.

The cheapest and smartest trick in the book that really works miracles is giving your walls and ceiling a fresh coat of paint. This step in home renovation can go a long way; so don’t overlook re-painting your home. Choosing the right shade of white can be a little tricky, but we definitely recommend not settling on a white that’s too bright. Warmer off-white tones such as eggshell or dove white are easier on the eye and more welcoming. They are also make a great canvas for your home’s decorating and give you the option to explore using colorful furnishings and accessories.

Spruce up Your Living Room

Your living room is a place where family, friends, and guests gather, so it has to look great. If your sofas are looking a little tired, it may be time for a change. Purchase new sofas to create a main centerpiece like a huge corner unit or even a 3-4 piece set in extravagant materials such as suede and velvet.

You can definitely play up your living room furniture a bit and create a big difference in your home with spanking new sofas. To make your whole look come together, purchase a new chandelier and light up those dark corners with table lamps to make your home look larger and set the mood. Then, hang up light sheer curtains to avoid blocking out sunlight, but still giving you the privacy you need.

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  1. You are so right about flooring, if the floor is wrong in a house then I think it completely throws everything off! It is the first thing I would always do in a home renovation. My dream is to renovate a home and i can’t wait to use all these wonderful tips when I finally do.

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo