10 Neutral spaces to adore this fall

The neutral Scandinavian look is cozy enough for this beautiful season, so we gathered our favorite spaces for this nostalgic fall. From cool living rooms, to cozy bedrooms and sophisticated dining spaces, here are our top neutral interiors for this dreamy season:

1. Artsy living space

Decorate a comfy sectional with printed pillows in neutral shades and cozy covers and prepare for a lazy day at home. Also, add around it a statement gallery wall filled with artistic framed pictures that give emotion to this dreamy space.

2. Fancy mood

Set up your dining space in a sophisticated room filled with arty framed pictures that resemble a pub or a coffee shop. To give the space a cozy vibe add scented candles and candlestick on the dining table.

3. Breakfast time

Start the day in a neutral dining space filled with a mix of old and new furniture. This combo looks really stylish and any item can tell its own fall story.

4. Cozy look

Get everything cozy in your dining room by adding fluffy covers for your cool chairs. Don’t forget fancy mugs, candles and a lot of plants that keep a fresh vibe in this lovely interior.

5. The elegant fireplace

This tiny living room gets a lot of personality with an elegant fireplace and a lot of framed pictures that make the space look bigger. Also, a fancy armchair, a cool lamp and some stylish candlesticks add class to this space and make it super inviting for a fall party.


6. The nostalgic bedroom

Knitted and printed neutral pillows, soft covers and a dreamy bench is all you need for a lazy fall bedroom. Don’t forget some neutral tree branches and even fall leaves that help you think constantly of this dreamy season.

7. Focus on the details!

Add a statement mirror with a neutral framed to make your bedroom feel even bigger. Then add cozy details like raffia baskets and big candles to prepare this lovely space for fall.

8. Let’s make memories!

Add a moldboard or memory wall just on top of your neutral desk. Personalize it with scented candles, books, and the week’s agenda and use this cute corner also as your nightstand next to your neutral bed.

9. Story time!

If pictures can say 1000 words, these lovely framed pictures can speak by themselves and give personality to the space. Moreover, they make the perfect story mood for a fall dinner party.

10. Fall nostalgia

Instead of hanging art on a wall, add in next to your floor and you’ll see how stylish the living room will become. Also, make you couch really cozy using a mix of covers in different textures and some stylish velvet pillows.

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