How would the rooms of Game of Thrones characters look like in real life

Have you ever pictured how the home of some of Game of Thrones characters would look like in real life? Well, I had and came up with some dreamy pictures of their fictional homes. Hmm, maybe the homes of the actors who are playing the roles are not far from this, so let’s just dream about it, check it out:

John Snow

Winter is coming and now the white walkers, so John has to be always prepared, well, ……for cold times. Think cozy Ikea rugs, furry covers and all the puffy pillows you can find. You won’t mind having John in your home, would you?

Sansa Stark

As an aspiring queen to be and living in a cold area, Sansa will want a feminine but powerful room that will show its new role and that will also have a glam vibe to it.

Cersei Lannister

Maps, maps, maps, Cersei is always planning something. So let her have some maps to stare at. Also a bar will be very useful as well as a lazy bed and some powerful deco items.

Arya Stark

This girl needs only a tiny room filled with useful stuff and maybe a tiny kitchen. Arya sure likes her food. Hmm, and also let’s not forget a special corner for Needle, her favorite sword.

Tyrion Lannister

A wine cellar or a living room with a bar will be the perfect place for the lovely Tyrion which we all adore. Luxury items and a dreamy and big bed can also be the ideal items for him.

Daenerys Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons would have for sure a fireplace in her home, along with some framed pictures of dragons and powerful deco elements.

Samwell Tarly

Being a huge fan of books and scrolls and curing greyscale, from Sam’s home you won’t miss an impressive library. Also, a useful kitchen, a great riding area and a desk could be spotted there.

Bran Stark

A nature lover, and a visionaire, Bran will love a lot of trees and plants in his own home that will also have a lot of cozy items and maybe a pet raven.

Theon Greyjoy

Thinking of the sea often? Well, picture a nautical room filled with ship in bottles and relaxing colors, Theon needs some therapy asap!

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