Coastal homes: 5 cool tips to get the seaside look

If you’re lucky enough to live on the coast, chances are you love the sea. The location of your seaside home gives you a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of its natural surroundings – the beach, rocks, boats in the harbour and, of course, the sea itself. So how do you get some of that seaside vibe inside your home?

Speaking to Sussex interior design specialists Pfeiffer Design, it’s not hard to take inspiration from nature’s beauty outside and incorporate some key elements into the interior design of your home. Here are 5 cool tips to show you how.

1.Choose the colours of the coast and the sea

A choice of cool whites, off whites, greys and other neutral tones provides the perfect backdrop for your seaside interior design scheme. In fact, for a minimalist approach, this may be all you need!

With neutrals as the constant theme for walls, ceilings and perhaps woodwork too, introduce hints of colour with furniture and accessories. Pale blues or navy, muted shades of green or a pop of sea glass green, sandy browns or even a shock of coral or red can work wonders to add interest to your coastal interiors. Look for shades that are a little faded or sun bleached for a more authentic effect.

For a stronger seaside association with the sea, play with typical accessories such as seashells, fishing rope and boat paraphernalia but be careful not to overdo it. Subtle touches are best, and one statement piece is plenty.

2. Celebrate your sea view

It should go without saying that if your coastal home has beautiful views of the sea, you should make the most of it. Let the sea view take centre stage and dictate the room scheme around it. If necessary and where possible, you could think about replacing existing windows with floor-to-ceiling windows or glass doors, letting them open out onto a balcony, terrace or decking.

Don’t obscure your windows; you want to let in as much natural light as possible. Get rid of thick, fussy curtains and opt for sheer fabrics that can move in the breeze. Install plantation window shutters or wide slatted Venetian blinds to control the sunlight without creating extra bulk.

Furniture including beds, sofas or armchairs should be positioned to face towards the window to take full advantage of that glorious view.

3.Contrast hard flooring with soft surfaces

If you live by the beach or near the sea, your indoor flooring needs to be practical and easy to keep clean. On the ground floor, choose hard floors in natural stone or tiles, hardwood or laminate flooring.

For a simple yet stylish solution, strip the floor back to wooden floor boards, sanded and varnished/waxed to show off their golden glow, or painted in a pale neutral or white colour. If this is too rustic for you, try hard wearing Porcelanosa wood effect tiles in a range of gorgeous shades. To soften hard floors, rugs made from natural materials such as seagrass or sisal offer a textural appeal that’s relaxing and effective.

Use soft furnishings to embellish your room scheme and give a comfy, homely feel to your coastal home. Soft cushions on squishy sofas, cosy blankets and wispy curtain fabrics can make all the difference to feeling snug as a bug on a cool summer’s evening or wanting to curl up in front of the fire come wintertime.

4.Furnishing your coastal homes

While there are no hard and fast rules for furnishing your home by the coast, the best way to channel maximum seaside chic is to add a few key features.

These could include the following:

  • Wicker furniture and beachside décor will create a seaside ambience in the room, making it feel like an extension of the beach.
  • A wrought iron bedstead, weathered wooden or white painted furniture and a few chosen ‘beach finds’ can be the beginnings of a cute seaside cottage bedroom.
  • Relaxed sofas and armchairs, a nautical trunk and accessories such as model boats, fishing nets or light houses used sparingly will provide the easy going feel of a living room by the sea.

5.Decorate with seaside themed art

Put the finishing touches to your seaside inspired interior design scheme with suitable, gorgeous pieces of art. Whether you choose a maritime ‘old master’ oil painting, a contemporary driftwood sculpture or some vintage seaside postcards, look for artistic pieces that echoes the coastal surroundings and your personal style.


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