Accessorize your patio with wicker furniture

A perfect outdoor space where one can enjoy light hearted banter with family or a romantic dinner with your partner is a dream. The patio is one such place where you can have some quiet time with your partner, dine with family and friends and yet be casual. After a hectic day at work, relaxing at sea facing patio is a dream and if your dream has come true; why not adorn your patio with furniture that is classy yet affordable?

Wicker furniture is high in demand and reasonable as well. It will give a cosy vibe to the place and durable. But there are certain factors to consider before purchasing wicker furniture to ensure you get authentic and genuine stuff.

Below are some pointers to consider before placing the order:

  • Synthetic Rattan v/s Genuine Rattan: Wicker furniture is made of PVC based material and has an earthy based appearance. It is made of Rattan, and it has been a controversial topic for ages whether to opt for Synthetic or Genuine Rattan? Natural Rattan has a natural look and aesthetically more beautiful, but it is not durable and can be moulded easily.  Whereas Synthetic Rattan lasts long and has weather resistant properties that make it lasts long. If you plan to shop online, then check for high-end furniture brands for high-quality material.
  • The quality of raw material: To understand the craftsmanship and strength of the furniture; it is essential to know the quality of raw material used. If the low-quality material is used then not just the aesthetics will show the difference, but it will also not last long. One of the factor to consider while opting for synthetic rattan is whether it is UV protected or not? Opt for raucord rattan which is weather resistant, UV protected and durable to last decades without fading away.
  • Budget: Whether you want to decorate your garden or patio, wicker furniture is a perfect choice. It is not just low in maintenance but also easy to clean. But before placing an order, it is better to set a budget and save before making such a big investment. You can also opt for voucher codes at and enjoy whooping discounts on your favorite brands. Setting a budget will help you not sway from the set track and accordingly you will purchase items that are essential without spending a fortune.
  • Space and Location: Designing your patio depends on the space and location. Whether it is in front or on the terrace; it is a small patio or big one; the theme of the patio, etc. are many important factors to be considered. Having a theme in mind will help to give a classy or retro look and accordingly you can purchase furniture that will compliment the theme.

To conclude, wicker furniture is a perfect choice for those who want a natural earthy theme for the patio. It will give a casual theme to the patio and make an ideal place to distress in the breezy evening or even better plan a patio date with your soulmate.

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