9 Chic plants for your home that will bring a fresh vibe into any space

Getting trendier every day, plants are now the items you need to have in your dreamy home, or at least one of them! So, we selected nine chic plants that you will love for sure for your home so go ahead and pick your favorite one:

1. Cactus

Super chic and perfect for a Californian home, this great plant is perfect for a vacation home or even a minimalistic space filled with black and white items.

2. Fiddle leaf fig

I love this gorgeous oversized plant that can make a statement in your home. Mix it in any kind of home decor and add it next to your office, daybed or armchair.

3. The snake plant

Tall and stylish, this cool plant is great next to a retro piece, but also in a beautiful modern home. Also, it seems to add a wild touch into a space.

4. Aloe plant

A popular item for a Scandinavian space, this gorgeous plant is easy to fit in any apartment and can look cool in any corner of your home.

5. The string of pearls

It looks like grapes and its super chic and elegant! Add the string of pearls plant in a very stylish pot and decorate a beautiful corner of your home with this dreamy plant.

6. Kentia palm

Very exotic and chic, this plant can transform any home into a cool jungle. Add the plant in a stylish living room filled with artsy items or in an eclectic and colorful home.

7. Rubber plant

In green or even in purple, this plant is so cool that can be added next to any kind of decor, especially in a corner of your home decorated with a trendy chair and a gallery wall.

8. The jade plant

The small and stylish jade plant can fit anywhere in your home and will bring a green oasis into every room of your place, even the bathroom.

9. Spider plant

Crawling everywhere like a spider, this oversized plant can bring extravaganza into an eclectic room, a chic vibe into a retro space and don’t forget, being such a statement plant it will always be noticed!


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